stock illustration and illustration assignments from Laughing Stock
stock illustration by Blair Thornley
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  magnifying glass, questions, question mark, ?, query, queries, inquisitive, search, searching for answers, solutions, problem solving, problem-solving, investigating, investigation, private, investigator, PI, P.I., private eye, sleuth, detective, work on the case, following, the trail, following a lead, leads, research, researching, examining, examination, scrutinizing, scrutiny, expert, consultant
Laughing Stock is an illustration services agency specializing in rights-managed stock illustration, illustrated stock animation, and custom illustration assignments. Search for original stock images, stock animation, review artist portfolios & illustration projects, and assign custom work with our outstanding roster of over 150 illustrators. Complete illustration resources for professional creatives in the publishing, advertising, design, corporate, and new media markets. © Laughing Stock 1993-2013. Rights-managed stock illustration: Images can not be used without proper licensing.
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