Who Ate My Lunch?.. The Infographic

by Laughing Stock on October 12, 2012


It’s natural for me to think in pictures, so when I had a lengthy conversation about wealth in the United States with international attorney and economist, Robert E. McDaniel, ESQ., I immediately began envisioning his data and ideas as an infographic.

I called the graphic Who Ate My Lunch? , because the metaphor of 100 sandwiches for 100 people was used as a concept we could all understand quickly. Who wants glaze over with facts and figures. Not I. An information graphic is an ideal way to tell a visual story based on lots of data.

I tapped my friend, illustrator, and colleague, Ronald Slabbers, to visualize the information because he is so clever, creative, and excels at serious fun.  He brought it all together in the infographic you can view and download at http://whoatemylunch.org

We decided to offer it for educational, non-commercial purposes, because we think the information is important to share with an informed electorate. It has already sparked some lively discussion! Who would think facts are so controversial. Oh, yes, they are! By far, the least political comment regarding the concentration of wealth was: “Its because they made most of the sandwiches with onions and nobody likes onions except that one guy on the top”

We’ll soon have a video version of  Who Ate My Lunch? and will post it on the blog. Stay tuned for the next installment…. and if you want to have your data transformed into a compelling visual story, let us know here.

We’d love know what you think…. and follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/OurLunch

Who Ate My Lunch infographic illustrated by ROnald Slabbers

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