Illustrator Michael Sloan in Hong Kong

by Laughing Stock on September 9, 2012


Michael Sloan Signature and fish illustration


Michael Sloan, a Laughing Stock illustrator, has started his excellent year long adventure with his family in Hong Kong. He’s wasting no time capturing the colorful life and busy street scenes of the city.

Hong Kong sketch by Michael Sloan of man in saffron robe.

Hong Kong street scenes sketches by Michael SloanMichael explores the bustling neighborhoods, crowded  streets and outdoor markets that sell everything. The main streets are very hot with crowded stalls and shoppers shuffling slowly in a herd with their purchases in tow. He likes to walk down the side alleys which are quieter, shady, and often reveal great things to sketch.

kiosk and fish monger sektches by Michael Sloan
Michael’s sketches of a small locksmith kiosk seen at a Mong Kok street market and a fishmonger  in her boat in Sai Kung harbor.
See Michael’s stock illustration portfolio / Hire Michael for your next assignment.

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