June 2011

Mr. Lou, an animated story by Blair Thornley

June 8, 2011

Illustrator/animator, Blair Thornley, a Laughing Stock contributor and fav, offers a poignant view of the ups and downs of weigh loss thru the eyes of her animated character, Mr. Lou. This is a must see video   Mr_Lou < Click this link Blair created this animation with hundreds of drawings, so that movement and gesture fits […]

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Listening For Inspiration

June 2, 2011

Judy Stead, Laughing Stock illustrator, shares what inspires her and how she tunes in to her muses. View her recently updated stock illustration portfolio here and when you’re ready to hire an outstanding illustrator, Judy is at your service. Listening. It’s different from hearing. Listening involves…involvement. And attention. And concentration while the brain processes meaning […]

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