An Illustrated Halloween

October 10, 2011

Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble ~William Shakespeare from Macbeth When you want to add some EERIE to your messages, dip into the bubbling cauldron of creativity and get some spirited illustration magic.  The talented group of illustrators at Laughing Stock say boo & invite you into our little shop of halloween […]

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Data: From Bland to Grand With Infographics

September 8, 2011

When done well, infographics are 30-40 times more likely to be viewed and shared vs. text ~Stew Langille Today, information graphics surround us in all forms of media: on road signs, magazines, in presentation materials, manuals, transit signs, etc. They illustrate information that would be unwieldy in text form, and act as a visual shorthand for everyday concepts […]

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High On Illustration

July 21, 2011

Our man in Amsterdam, Ronald Slabbers is on assignment for the Cass Business School in London. No, he’s not pushing drugs, Ronald is pushing his illustration for their article about cocaine (Ab)use in London. He’s also pushing his new illustration approach & exploring his ‘simple’ / conceptual / elegant style. Rock on, Ronald. See Ronald […]

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Mr. Lou, an animated story by Blair Thornley

June 8, 2011

Illustrator/animator, Blair Thornley, a Laughing Stock contributor and fav, offers a poignant view of the ups and downs of weigh loss thru the eyes of her animated character, Mr. Lou. This is a must see video   Mr_Lou < Click this link Blair created this animation with hundreds of drawings, so that movement and gesture fits […]

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Listening For Inspiration

June 2, 2011

Judy Stead, Laughing Stock illustrator, shares what inspires her and how she tunes in to her muses. View her recently updated stock illustration portfolio here and when you’re ready to hire an outstanding illustrator, Judy is at your service. Listening. It’s different from hearing. Listening involves…involvement. And attention. And concentration while the brain processes meaning […]

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Illustrator Neil Brennan’s Cartoon Debut

May 4, 2011

Neil Brennan claims that he is not a cartoonist, but he said “when I heard the news, this image was just begging to be done. “I can’t imagine a better way to eulogize this evil than to mock and laugh at it.” Neil adds: “BTW, The special ops unit that got Osama, SEAL Team 6 […]

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Cartoon Illustration: Serious Fun

April 14, 2011

Our man in Amsterdam, and esteemed colleague, Ronald Slabbers takes his cartoon work very seriously indeed. Ronald says, “I am definitely not a born cartoonist. I am a ‘line constructor’ and creating a drawing takes me at least 2 sleepless nights and about 6 to 20 pencil sketches. “ Among his many clients is the […]

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Creating An Illustration

March 4, 2011

For Laughing Stock illustrator Neil Brennan, the creative process is all about visual communication. Clients rely on him to develop images that enhance their message and speak to their target audience. With the project’s theme in mind, Neil translates that information into thought provoking images that are hand-crafted and distilled by his unique talents. He shares the creative process with […]

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Distinguished Illustrator, Elwood H. Smith

February 6, 2011

Laughing Stock artist Elwood H. Smith kicks off the distinguished illustrators series at the Norman Rockwell Museum, Feb 19th through May 15th. The series celebrates the contributions of noted contemporary illustrators. Elwood’s World: The Art and Animations of Elwood H. Smith, will take a lively look back at this inventive image-maker’s forty year career through artworks that have […]

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Illustration Goes Public

January 21, 2011

Illustrator Blair Thornley, a Laughing Stock star, was commissioned by the City of San Diego to produce and install her artwork on the facade of the North Park Garage, as part of a civic program to underscore the importance of art in public spaces. Interestingly Blair chose illustration as her visual medium, rather than take […]

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