Illustrator Neil Brennan’s Cartoon Debut

by Laughing Stock on May 4, 2011

Neil Brennan claims that he is not a cartoonist, but he said “when I heard the news, this image was just begging to be done. “I can’t imagine a better way to eulogize this evil than to mock and laugh at it.”

Neil adds: “BTW, The special ops unit that got Osama, SEAL Team 6 is based right here in Hampton Roads Virginia. We couldn’t be more proud of them. This is a good day for America.”

It turns out the connection to the SEALs runs even deeper for Neil. He mentions that when be was a swimmer in high school and in Navy boot camp, he tried out for the SEALs. “I was accepted, but the try outs alone changed my mind about joining this elite special forces team. These guys are serious warriors!!! I instead spent my enlistment as a navigator on a nuclear submarine. After 4 years of that,… on to art school. Talk about culture shock?”

Neil’s portfolio at Laughing Stock differs substantially, but don’t you think he has a calling as a budding cartoonist, as well?

Neil Brennan is available for custom illustration and for the licensing of his stock images.



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