Illustration Goes Public

by Laughing Stock on January 21, 2011

Blair Thornley public commission on the North Park Garage facade

Illustrator Blair Thornley, a Laughing Stock star, was commissioned by the City of San Diego to produce and install her artwork on the facade of the North Park Garage, as part of a civic program to underscore the importance of art in public spaces.

Interestingly Blair chose illustration as her visual medium, rather than take a graphic approach. She wanted to connect with people and make them smile:

“My job is to make people stop and smile. I do this for national newspapers and magazines. I make people halt and enjoy a moment of whimsical energy. And this time I had the luxury to do it on billboard-sized panels in my own neighborhood. Street art and installation should be engaging and funny. That was my guiding thought as I was working on the gigantic banners for the North Park garage.

I put up humorous pieces with movement and energy, which would interact with passersby and make them smile. I study people for what I do on paper and I also took the time thisweek to study reactions to my narratives on the North Park garage. It seems the garage is now complete and I hope this excites the community. Since the garage is central to the neighborhood, this is an opportunity to connect people. Depending on where you walk or drive, you can see the art from blocks away or between other buildings. The art needs to be a fast read for people on their way somewhere, glancing up for just a moment before the traffic signal changes. The size and scale of the art relative to the street make it very immediate.”

View Blair’s stock illustration portfolio or commission her for a unique and original assignment

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Kim February 4, 2011 at 3:52 pm

That is simply wonderful!

Cat Bennett November 19, 2011 at 9:25 pm


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