All Knowledge Is Connected

by Laughing Stock on December 22, 2009

 Judy Stead - Laughing StockEinstein said creating a new idea is not like destroying an old house and building a skyscraper in its place. “It is rather like climbing a mountain, gaining new and wider views,” he said, “discovering unexpected connections between our starting point and its rich environment.”

In other words, if we pay attention to what’s going on around us – whether in our personal lives or workdays – we’ll find fresh perspectives and make valuable connections. We may not recognize the new idea at the moment, so consequently we don’t feel creative. But keep the faith, realizing that one observation, thought or action leads to another and another and another…

Try this: Identify one of your most creative achievements, whether personal or business. Take a sheet of paper and backtrack through all of the steps, actions, connections, mistakes and revisions it took to get to the final solution. Post this idea lineage in your workspace to remind yourself that every second – no matter how seemingly insignificant – marches toward creativity.

“All knowledge is connected to all other knowledge. The fun is in making the connections.” Dr. Arthur Aufderheide, anthropologist Amanda Duffy

Many thanks to our acclaimed and very creative! guest blogger: Sam Harrison is a professional speaker on creativity-related topics and the author of “Zing! Five steps and 101 tips for creativity on command” and “IdeaSpotting: How to find your next great idea.” His next book, “IdeaSelling: Successfully pitch your creative ideas to bosses, clients and other decision makers” will be released by HOW Books next spring.

The images in this post are from Judy Stead and Amanda Duffy, Laughing Stock artists. To see their portfolios, click on the images

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