The Infinite Game

by Laughing Stock on May 9, 2014


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A nursing mother, storytelling, by Blair Thornley

© Blair Thornley/ Laughing Stock

Happy Mother’s Day & The Infinite Game

I was wondering what I could say that was inspiring, heartfelt, and that connected to a larger message beyond the day. As serendipity would have it, I just came across this wonderful blog post by Seth Godin, a favorite industry guru and compassionate sherpa: Nobody says it better:

The short game, the long game and the infinite game

“How long is your long run? I know people who measure the world in ten second flashes, and they’re happy to do something they call generous for six seconds, as long as they get a payback before the ten seconds are up.
More common and more celebrated are people who play a longer game. They build an asset, earn trust, give before getting, and then, after paying their dues, win.
There’s something else available, though, something James Carse calls an infinite game.
In finite games (short and long) there are players, there are rules and there are winners. The game is designed to end, and it’s based on scarcity.
In the infinite game, though, something completely different is going on. In the infinite game, the point is to keep playing, not to win. In the infinite game, the journey is all there is. And so, players in an infinite game never stop giving so they can take. Players in this game throw a slower pitch so the batter can hit it, because a no-hitter shutout has no real upside. A good mom, of course, always plays the infinite game. But it turns out that it’s possible to build an organization or even a country that does this as well. Build hospitals and schools instead of forts and barricades…
You certainly know people who play this game, you may well have been touched by them, inspired by them and taught by them. The wrong question to ask is, “but how do they win?” The right way to understand it is, “but is it worth playing?”” ~ Seth Godin

An exhausted mother, by Amanda Duffy

© Amanda Duffy/ Laughing Stock

To Our Moms:

With gratitude for who you are, all the illustrators & staff at Laughing Stock wish you a very happy Mother’s Day. (hang in there, all you dads.. we’ll salute you when your day rolls around) For everyone else, there’s always Thanksgiving.


We’ll take 20% OFF stock orders thru June 30. Let’ all celebrate!!

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How to Use Illustrations to Build Your Brand

by Laughing Stock on April 10, 2014

Illustration Is A Powerful Tool:

Use It To Tell Your Stories

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Cave Dweller Storytelling image by Sharon Dilorio
© Sharon Dilorio/ Laughing Stock

Use illustration to tell your story and leave lasting impressions. Tell symbolic stories: the original story telling format.. think cavedweller. People simply don’t have time for the long read.
We do that.

Infographics image by Ronald Slabbers
© Ronald Slabbers/ Laughing Stock

Use infographics as a great illustrative tool to simplify and organize your data in an easy to grasp format. When done well, data driven visuals are 30-40 times more likely to be viewed and shared vs. text.
~Stew Langille
We do that.

Bridge image by Tim Lewis
© Tim Lewis/ Laughing Stock

Use illustration as a bridge to get to the other side of your proposition. It can lead, entertain, explain, break
the monotony, and jazz up your communications. Illustration adds value in telling your unique stories.
We do that.

Conceptual illustration by Neil Brennan
© Neil Brennan/ Laughing Stock

Use illustration as a metaphor.. conceptual illustration extends your mental canvas & gets your messages perceived in creative ways.
We do that.

Humorous fastfood image by Elwood Smith
© Elwood Smith/ Laughing Stock

Use illustration to entertain: your clients want to be engaged in entertaining & insightful ways. Humor sells.
We do that.

Fairytale image by Alenka Sottler
© Alenka Sottler/ Laughing Stock

Use illustration as narrative. Who doesn’t like a good old fashioned fairytale?
We do that.

Illustration is a powerful communications tool for marketing your brand or story. It is engaging, adds value and drives your message. Consider the value of illustration as an alternative to the canned visuals so often used for marketing messages. Consider using visuals that tell your story with personality, wit and style.
Think illustration.. think Laughing Stock as your source for your visually driven projects:
  • Email marketing
  • Story boarding
  • Advertising
  • Multi-media projects
  • Presentations & slideshows
  • Ad banners
  • Website graphics

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Portfolio Advice

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Illustration & Magic

October 20, 2011

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